Woodrow Mercer Solutions is comprised of three Microsoft consultants with 25 years combined experience in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (Field Service, Customer Service, Marketing & Sales etc). This page details, at a high level, the solutions offerings that can be sold to customers as packages or broken down in to smaller/scaled up into larger consultancy segments. 




With remote working and cloud computing being at the forefront of both Microsoft’s business as well as current industries businesses,

Woodrow Mercer Solutions is aimed at providing consultancy to fast-forward customers from legacy working practices and providing them with automated, clean and modern working infrastructure –using the cloud.

These offerings align to the most common principles of any customers digital strategy:

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  • A fresh start: No legacy infrastructure

  • Right first time: Use of information to ensure accurate planning and execution

  • Sharing best practice: Using technology to share and collaborate

  • Coordination: Early sight of coordinated disciplines

  • Benefits: Clearly defined benefits and value through collaboration and automation

  • A new way of working

  • Adoption of new technology

  • Integration of systems

  • The right information available at the right time.



An example list of offerings has been broken down below. This list is not limited to the following and further/bespoke/unique offerings can be discussed should the market sector require it. 


  • Dynamics 365 FastStart – Agile delivery for start-up businesses utilising OOTB functionality for a quick, cost-effective solution to get your CRM system up and running.

  • Dynamics 365 CE – Utilising the applications within Customer Engagement, mould your requirements to the modules and make them your own or build your own independent system all whilst using a sure-step methodology to implement and deliver a perfect solution. Various options, not limited to, are Service Hubs for Customer Interaction, Sales and Marketing, Asset Management Systems, Lite-Touch Inventory and Stock Management, Resource Management for Field Service, Product Sales, Email Interaction, Chat Bots and more.

  • Dynamics 365 Update – Update or customise your current system for a speedy repair or makeover. Create entities, views, model-driven apps, fields, dashboards and more. Aimed at short agile projects no more than 30 days.


  • Dynamics 365 Training - Deliver expert training to your super users to build on administration, customisation and reporting skills.

  • Dynamics Security Safe - Review of current user roles and security within D365; this includes an auditing overview alongside in-depth entity level & user reports with a best practice guide from findings.

  • Dynamics 365 UI Rollout Review & Upgrade - The “must have” for all businesses who have not yet transitioned to the User Interface (UI) from the Web Interface. We will provide you with a report of potential failure areas that you may come across when upgrading and offer best practices to guide you through before the depreciation of the Web Interface in October 2020.



Woodrow Mercer Solutions will provide all workshop preparation, solutions and functional consultants and guide each customer through the project journey lifecycle. The option to scale this business model up is available, with extra consultants available upon request.


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